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Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations: Gemba-Based Workshop


This highly interactive two-day workshop is for people responsible for implementing lean principles in a distribution center operation. The workshop combines lecture, gemba experience, group discussion, participative simulations, and group exercises to reveal the key steps for implementing lean principles in a traditional distribution operation. Topics include the development of a storage environment that enables a conventional distribution facility with improved efficiency, quality, safety, and space utilization. In the course of the workshop, we create an experiential learning environment which allows the participants to understand – through the series of rapid PDCA cycles – the phases and steps to transform your operational processes in order to improve customer service, reduce costs, and provide a problem-solving environment for continuous improvement. Progressing through our three-round simulation, you will identify changes, implement them, and measure the impact of applying lean tools and principles to distribution processes. Round 1: reflects a conventional distribution center and its impact on customers, associates and management Round 2: reflects a distribution center after a Lean benchmarking trip taken by management Round 3: will reflect an operation after lean storage techniques and processes have been implemented Both operating systems are evaluated and compared for on-time deliveries, lead time, quality, efficiency, distribution center space and equipment utilization, and cost per shipping line. You will learn the key steps for implementing lean principles and converting a traditional warehouse operation. Hands-on participation in a simulation will teach you how to apply the tools so you can repeat the application in your environment. Companies applying these principles, components, steps, and tools have experienced operational improvements in reduced internal damage and injuries along with improved storage and operational efficiencies of 15% to 30%.

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