Course Catalog

Delivery Method
  • Demonstrated Project
  • Online
  • Workshop
Business Group
  • Capability Development
  • Distribution
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • System Development
  • zMusic & Entertainment (demo)
Topic Category
  • Assessments/Audits
  • Leadership
  • Lean Introduction
  • Problem Solving
  • Standard Work
  • Workforce / Workload Planning
  • zConcerts (demo)
  • zInstruments (demo)
  • zRecording Industry (demo)
  • zVocals (demo)
Lean 101: Awareness Image

BSP - Lean 101 Lean 101: Awareness

0.5 Day - Workshop

An introduction to Lean values, principles, tools and techniques. This course provides you with a basis for further training in the practical application of the Toyota Production System.

Process Mapping for Standardisation Image

BSP - Lean 201 Process Mapping for Standardisation

2.5 Day - Workshop

An in-depth course to develop the skills required to achieve standard sequence and standard time in operational processes.

Lean 101: Awareness Image

eHQ - LA101 Lean 101: Awareness

1 Day - Workshop

An introduction to Lean values, principles, tools and techniques. This course provides you with a basis for further training in the practical application of the Toyota Production System.

Lean Bronze Training Image

eHQ - LB201 Lean Bronze Training

3 Day - Demonstrated Project

A practical immersive 3 day course designed specifically for eHealth Queensland staff. The course teaches the application of Lean problem solving and standardised work tools. Attendees work in teams to deliver a rapid improvement project over 6 weeks following the classroom training.

Taste of Lean Workshop Image

LQ-001 Taste of Lean Workshop

1 Day - Workshop

This training is designed to provide an overview of the Lean Values, Capabilities and Principles so you can envision Lean in your business environment.

Lean Problem Solving 1 Image

LQ-002 Lean Problem Solving 1

1 Day - Workshop

Course topics include a brief review of Lean Values & Principles, definition of a “problem” (gap), role of “standards”, waste reduction (as a key to continuous improvement), the 7-Step Problem Solving Process, catch-ball communication, and A3 report writing.

Lean Problem Solving 2 Image

LQ-003 Lean Problem Solving 2

3 Day - Workshop

Course topics include a brief review of common knowledge concepts including Fact Based Decision Making, Data Attributes, and Data Driven Relevance as it relates to Continuous Improvement & the 7-Step Problem Solving Process with a primary focus on the core concepts noted above. The course breakdown equates to approximately 40% lecture & 60% hands-on exercises.

Foundations of Standard Work Image

LQ-201 Foundations of Standard Work

5 Day - Workshop

Five day workshop to understand the theories, tools and methods of Standard Work

Electric Guitar Image

RR-101 Electric Guitar

8 Hour - Online

Learn the basics playing the electric guitar. Class requires passing a final exam with a score of 80% Or demonstrated equivalent

Get the Beat Image

RR-102 Get the Beat

8 Hour - Workshop

This establishes the basic of rhythm. While drums are the focus of this class, all other rhythm instruments are also covered.

Your Voice as an Instrument Image

RR-201 Your Voice as an Instrument

4 Day - Workshop

This workshop will take your basic vocal skills and teach you how to use them to establish the foundation of a Rock N Roll voice.

Test 2 Test 2

1 Hour - Online

Test Course

History of Rock n Roll Image

zRR-103 History of Rock n Roll

16 Hour - Online

This course leverages the work of the RnR Hall of Fame to establish a foundational understanding of the History of RnR.

Tickle the Ivory Image

zRR-202 Tickle the Ivory

2 Day - Workshop

Move from basic piano skills to use of keyboards to provide the complex sounds that bring depth and character to your music.

Bass Guitars Image

zRR-203 Bass Guitars

8 Hour - Online

No RnR band is complete without a bass guitar. Learn how the bass interacts with the rhythm section and the guitars to link the entire band together.

Performance Demo Image

zRR-210 Performance Demo

1 Day - Demonstrated Project

This demo session requires the student to demonstrate how they are using the elements they have learned to create their own unique interpretation of RnR.

Stage Craft Image

zRR-301 Stage Craft

2 Day - Workshop

From the Duck Walk to crowd surfing this hands on workshop will help you to establish the movements and stage craft that bring RnR to life

Guitar Smashing Image

zRR-302 Guitar Smashing

4 Hour - Workshop

Understand how to dramatically and safely smash your guitar and bring your crowd to a new high.

Stadium Concerts Image

zRR-303 Stadium Concerts

1 Week - Workshop

Understand the key elements of establishing a stadium concert. From logistics to sound system this class with make your stadium tour a success.

Recording Contract Image

zRR-304 Recording Contract

1 Week - Workshop

This course covers the legal and business issues related to establishing a deal with your recording studio.

Making the Cut Image

zRR-400 Making the Cut

2 Week - Demonstrated Project

This project event will co-facitate the creation of your next album in the recording studio.

Hello LA Image

zRR-500 Hello LA

2 Week - Demonstrated Project

In this event based experience we will co-faclitate with you and your band the first concert at a major venue.