Certificate Catalog

Business Group
  • Capability Development
  • Distribution
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • System Development
  • zMusic & Entertainment (demo)
Topic Category
  • Assessments/Audits
  • Leadership
  • Lean Introduction
  • Problem Solving
  • Standard Work
  • Workforce / Workload Planning
  • zConcerts (demo)
  • zInstruments (demo)
  • zRecording Industry (demo)
  • zVocals (demo)
BSP Process Standardisation Image

BSP Process Standardisation BSP Process Standardisation

Candidate has successfully completed the training and assessment in Lean techniques for process mapping and standardisation.

eHQ Lean Bronze Certificate Image

eHQ-LBCERT eHQ Lean Bronze Certificate

Certification for the completion of classroom training and a Rapid Improvement Project delivered to standards agreed by eHealth Queensland. Demonstrated understanding of Lean values, principles, tools and techniques via a written exam and an interview.

LQ- Basic Level Image

LQ-Cert-001 LQ- Basic Level

Basic Level Cert

Lean Principles Image

LQ-LP101 Lean Principles

Has completed the Lean Principles Workshop - Class room and workshop

Lean Problem Solving Image

LQ-PS201 Lean Problem Solving

Has completed all the Lean Problem Solving Workshops

Rock n Roll - Level 1 Image

RR-901 Rock n Roll - Level 1

This certificate shows that the student has establish a basic understanding of the instruments, sounds and history of Rock and Roll.

test 1 test 1

Test Cert

Rock n Roll - Level 2 Image

zRR-902 Rock n Roll - Level 2

With the completion of this certificate the student has completed a Level 1 Certificate and advanced topics related to the creation and presentation of Rock n Roll.

Rock and Roll - Level 3 Image

zRR-903 Rock and Roll - Level 3

Having earned his certificate, the student will have complete a rigorous series of classes, workshops and event based projects. These range for understanding the basic instruments and sounds to on stage presentation and concludes with the performance and business elements.