Why not make the work easier and more interesting so that people do not have to sweat? The Toyota style is not to create results by working hard. It is a system that says there is no limit to people’s creativity. People don’t go to Toyota to ‘work’ they go there to ‘think’.

~Taiichi Ohno

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GetLeanCertified is a consortium of Lean consulting firms that have come together to issue meaningful certificates for Lean methods, tools, techniques and capabilities.

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Training courses are structured to reinforce core lean priciples common to all lean certification types

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About us

GetLeanCertified was created to fill a need within the industry. With no governing body for Lean, there have been many “versions” and “adaptations” that have drifted from the original founding values, principles and capabilities.

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Lean-Quest, LLC


Lean Quest is a high impact management consulting company whose mission is to increase its client's customer service levels and profitability through the integration of Lean methods within the client's enterprise.

Dynamic Links International, LLC


Since 2002, Dynamic Links International has had the pleasure of working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as Global 200 companies. DLI provides cutting edge knowledge to organizations based on relevant, innovative research that drives sustainable business results.

S3 Consult


Our niche is in using Lean methods to drive innovation and create amazing customer and business outcomes. We create value for our clients by providing project consulting and Lean training services.

Engineering Performance


Founder Michael Rigg has provided consulting services to more than 100 companies across many American industries, in manufacturing, distribution and service operations. He also has extensive international consulting experience in South America, the Far East, and Australia. Michael is a licensed industrial engineer, and has been certified as a: Certified Quality Engineer, Project Management Professional, and Six Sigma Black Belt.

Lean Dynamix inc.


Lean Dynamix is made up of highly skilled and deeply experienced practitioners who bring with them lessons it has taken decades and careers to accumulate both in the private sector as well as in the public and military arena. We have worked, consulted, and developed solutions for dozens of organizations in the past, both large and small. That broad-based perspective has provided us an in-depth knowledge of business practices and how, through the Lean approach, to get more-with-less - and we bring that expertise to you.