Certification - Lean Problem Solving

Lean Problem Solving
Certifying Organization
Lean-Quest, LLC
Has completed all the Lean Problem Solving Workshops

Required Courses

LQ-001 - Taste of Lean Workshop

This training is designed to provide an overview of the Lean Values, Capabilities and Principles so you can envision Lean in your business environment.

LQ-002 - Lean Problem Solving 1

Course topics include a brief review of Lean Values & Principles, definition of a “problem” (gap), role of “standards”, waste reduction (as a key to continuous improvement), the 7-Step Problem Solving Process, catch-ball communication, and A3 report writing.

LQ-003 - Lean Problem Solving 2

Course topics include a brief review of common knowledge concepts including Fact Based Decision Making, Data Attributes, and Data Driven Relevance as it relates to Continuous Improvement & the 7-Step Problem Solving Process with a primary focus on the core concepts noted above. The course breakdown equates to approximately 40% lecture & 60% hands-on exercises.

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